Irish Partnerships

National Partners


The National Association for Youth Drama was established in 1980 to support the development of youth theatre in Ireland. Since then, NAYD has been supporting youth drama in practice and policy by advocating the benefits of young people’s participation, promoting quality youth theatre practice and providing leadership for the sector. Now representing a membership of 60 affiliated youth theatres, the organisation has seen thousands of young lives enhanced and transformed by the experience of youth drama.


Irish Street Arts, Circus & Spectacle (ISACS) is a collaborative enterprise between professionals from the street arts, circus and spectacle art forms in Ireland. The core aim of ISACS is to establish itself as a support and advocacy network for these art forms in Ireland. The strength of ISACS is in its diversity and the broad range of art forms it represents. It must draw from this strength to secure investment in the sector in Ireland for the future.

University of Limerick, Irish World Academy of Music & Dance

Based at the University of Limerick, the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance provides a space where musicians, dancers, composers, singers, conductors and choreographers explore together. At the Academy, musicologists and choreologists research alongside live performance.

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre

Fidget Feet are a “pint-sized” aerial circus company from Ireland who tell their stories from anywhere they can think of; in theatres, from cranes, hidden in forests, or swinging from buildings all over the world. Since 2004 Fidget Feet has performed across five continents and to hundreds of thousands of people in some of the biggest festivals and venues across the globe. In addition to creating work, Fidget Feet is a strong advocate for the development of aerial work in Ireland.

Belfast Community Circus School

The Belfast Community Circus, established in 1985 by Donal McKendry and the late Mike Moloney, is one of the most prolific arts organisations in Northern Ireland and a leading light in the international world of social circus.

Tumble Circus

Tumble Circus, based in Belfast and run by Ken Fanning and Tina Segner, is an innovative and contemporary Irish circus specializing in high skill circus, theatre and comedy.

Local Partners


Macnas is an internationally acclaimed performance and spectacle company based in an old pram factory in Galway city, Ireland.


Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, based in Galway, is Ireland’s flagship international arts festival devoted exclusively to children and families. Baboró was originally conceived and nurtured under the auspices of Galway Arts Festival and first presented a Baboró programme in 1994.

Galway 2020

Galway has been designated the European City of Culture in 2020. Galway Community Circus is working with Galway 2020 and our European partners on a project called Wires Crossed – A Balancing Act for Europe.

Town Hall Theatre

Town Hall Theatre Galway, incorporating the Main Auditorium and Studio Space at Courthouse Square, and the nearby multi-purpose Black Box performance space on Dyke Road, is the epicentre of activity for virtually all of Galway’s key festivals and cultural events.

St Joseph’s Community Centre

St. Joseph’s Community Centre in Shantalla/Westside is a Parish Hall in the Diocese of Galway and home to the Galway Community Circus.

Galway City Arts Office (Galway City Council)

The Galway City Arts Office advises the Galway City Council on all aspects of contemporary arts practice, and runs its own programme of residencies, events, interventions and strategic partnerships.

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