Toddler Circus

Toddler circus is the best. While I was upside down on the trapeze for the first time, hands hanging, starting to wonder how I was going to get back where I started, I felt a tiny hand take my forefinger and heard Constance’s voice saying ‘I’ve got you papa’.

At Galway Community Circus we believe that children should begin to explore and be adventurous from a young age, and that it can be really special when parents or guardians are involved in this exploration.

Toddler Circus classes are specifically designed to nurture the development of toddlers aged 1 to 4 years. These classes are beneficial for balance, hand-eye coordination, motor skills and strength, as well as providing valuable bonding time* for you and your little one. Click here to view our video on toddler circus.

Here is a great chance for toddlers and parents to learn the basics of circus together through play, dance and song under the careful supervision of our trained circus tutors. The class promotes personal development as well as provides toddlers with an excellent foundation for any future physical education. This class is a social experience for the toddlers as they meet other children and interact and play with them. It is also social for grown-ups, as we provide tea and coffee and the opportunity to have a chat after the class.

Come on along for a fun, safe and innovative parent-and-child class. Our focus is on

  • Supporting family bonding
  • Learning to play and be creative with each other
  • Encouraging social interaction from an early age - learning to share and take turns and building social skills
  • Acquiring basic motor skills and developing an age-appropriate level of physical literacy
  • Feeling safe and comfortable being the centre of attention within the group
  • Allowing you and your little one to discover the joys of circus! Fun will be had!

Age: 1–4 years old with an adult

Skills taught: juggling/manipulation, balancing/equilibristics and acrobatics/tumbling!

* Parents/Carers are required to stay and participate, and the class operates on a one parent, one child policy.

We currently have two weekly Toddler Circus classes for parents/carers and toddlers. For times, fees and to register please click the button below, email or ring 085 1117224.


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