Youth Circus

At Galway Community Circus I can almost guarantee you will find something you love. Circus is growing and evolving . . . . It is a beautiful art form all of its own, while at the same time incorporating almost every other art form as well. Dance, music, theatre, acting, mime, comedy. All people and all interpretations are welcome and encouraged.

Our circus training programme for young people aged 5 to 20 years provides rich opportunities for artistic, personal and social growth in a non-competitive atmosphere. Our programme, which follows an annual plan with key learning objectives set by our tutors for each group, has shown to be beneficial for both body and mind. Circus is known to be helpful with balance, hand-eye coordination and body awareness, among other necessary developmental tools. Circus can also increase concentration as well as promote a lifelong commitment to fitness and self-discipline. Furthermore, circus is a powerful tool for helping children develop their self-confidence and improve their social interactions.

As well as providing an alternative, non-competitive form of physical education, our Youth Circus programme also teaches young people patience, discipline and teamwork. There is a strong focus on creativity and the participants devise performances from large scale theatre shows to small community performances. The artistic integrity of Galway Community Circus programmes means young circus artists have opportunities to develop their skills to a high level, participate in high quality productions, and take part in stimulating international youth exchanges.

Our Youth Circus classes run alongside the school-calendar year and are organised in four different age groups: 5-7 years, 8-11 years, 12-14 years and 15-20 years.

Members can join for the Autumn term (12 weeks from mid-September to mid-December), Spring term (20 weeks from mid-January to mid-June) or for the full year. Most of our groups have a maximum number of 12-15 members (depending on the age group), with two tutors per group.

Galway Community Circus classes are accessible to all as we offer a wide range of circus skills to choose from. Unless specified our classes have a mixed-skills approach, so whether your child is a beginner or has been involved in circus for years, there is something for him or her.

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