Scratch Night January 2017

We celebrated our very first Scratch Night and it was a flying success!!


At the end of January, Galway Community Circus opened it's doors, and welcomed the audience in to witness the first Scratch Night of 2017.

Seven acts of extreme talent and entertainment took to a minimalist stage and performed a variety of acts from juggling, hula hooping and uni-cycling to performances with a more, existential note ,such as;

'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?', and a breathtaking dance performance by Lauren and Julian which questioned stereotypical gender-roles and reversed common thought.

All in all, a very inspiring group of acts showcasing the great ability within this circus community and a taster of talent for the year to come.

Galway Community Circus will be holding Scratch night as a monthly event, on the last Saturday of each month, so be sure to pencil it in :) See you February 25th!

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