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Last year, we had the first meeting in Galway Community Circus with our circus partners from the Czech Republic – Cirqueon and Cirkus LeGrando who came to Galway to plan two years of joint circus training for junior leaders from the three-circus schools. We picked five motivated young people from each organisation, planned three training sessions teaching them about the methodology of various circus disciplines, safety, group dynamics, basics of psychology, use of games in teaching and also video making and editing. We wanted to create a new generation of circus Supertutors. We knew the young people we picked were good but they showed us at the first training session that they were far better than just good! The week we spent together in Galway in May 2017 was amazing and everyone was so motivated and enthusiastic! All the young people are now using their newly learnt skills in the classes they assist in and have gained more experience over the summer. We met again in Prague, Czech Republic at the beginning of November and continued learning, sharing and having fun. Check out how much fun it was in the video. We can’t wait to meet again in June 2018 in Brno at a youth circus festival Freš Manéž!

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