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We are excited to announce our upcoming Clown Workshops with Nettie Lane!

Nettie has officially arrived in Galway and we hope she brought her lovely umbrella! She is bringing with her a unique and special opportunity to explore the world and realm of the Red Nose Clown.

“Clown is a space of vulnerability and personal power; of rigorous fun and courageous openness. Clown is about learning to fall and how to have fun while falling.” ~Giovanni Fusetti

In the words of Nettie Lane herself - 'My approach to Clown is through a body-based movement process and is influenced by my trainings with Italian Maestro, Giovanni Fusetti. The work will be the discovery of your own unique clown. Through a movement analysis process driven by curiosity, we will ask the question - what is uniquely funny about you? Or, what is your somatic gift to the world at this point in time? Clown is a beautiful, poetic, generous and challenging art form. My job and commitment to you is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where there is freedom to risk with daring honesty. I will do my best to coax that clown out of you - a colorful journey filled with beauty, terror, laughter, emotion and vulnerability. And fun! Let’s not forget fun! We will celebrate and learn from all of our successes, flops, and 'infinite falls! I look forward to meeting you!'

"Go to Nettie Lane's clown class! You do not need any experience or need to be a circus person. It will change your life! It is an amazing, empowering, emotional, and therapeutic experience. It is not acting but finding another part of your own personality. The clown is born from your own body and you discover things about your body and personality that maybe you didn't realize before. And you are introduced to a goofy, loving, and supportive community."

"Clown Class is great. As a professional performer, I find myself using the things I learned with Nettie all the time. Nettie is a treasure. And she's wonderful at discovering and nursing all the challenges and nettles and joys, little and big, of clowning work. I'd recommend her (the class) to anyone."

Welcome to the world of Red Nose Clown where your unique stupidity is celebrated and encouraged! The root meaning of the word 'stupid' comes from Latin, stupere, meaning 'to be amazed or stunned.'

Workshops: The Artful Play of the Red Nose Clown - Workshop One will be held on Sunday, September 9th, from 10:00am - 6:00pm in Galway at the GCC located at St Joseph's Community Centre, Ashe Road, Galway, Ireland **We will start promptly at 10:00am. Please be on time.  Nettie will be there at 9:45am and you are welcome to come then and warm up. Register your place here or contact us for more information.


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