Summer 2018 Highlights

Summer 2018 Highlights

Before we tell you all about what is happening, let’s take a moment to recap on the fantastic summer of local, national and international activities. When GCC’s youth ensemble wrapped up the final show of ‘The Circus Guide to Chaos Theory’ in May, emotions were fraught - the thought of not having circus was too much to think about! However, Galway Community Circus ensured an endless amount of circus activities throughout the summer for all ages, levels and stages.

As Ireland’s flagship for youth and social circus, summer 2018 was about making connections and sharing a love of circus internationally, as our youth members took part in youth exchanges across Europe, partaking in Erasmus+ projects, organized by members of the Caravan Network.

Trainers Ellie and Isabela traveled to Sorin Sirkus, a youth circus in Finland, where they took part in international social Circus Transformation training for trainers (CTF).

Our Junior Leaders, Darragh, Raymond, Emily, Mairead and Leighann travelled to Brno in Czech Republic, accompanied by Blue and Amelie, for the last leg of ABCirk, a Junior Leader Scheme for Youth Circus participants who might be considering becoming circus tutors, a project that began in November 2016 and finished this summer with a festival - funded by Erasmus+ through the Irish National Agency Leargas.

One of our youth groups travelled to Prague, where they were hosted by CIRQUEON and created and performed a show together with youth circuses from Belfast, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy and the Czech Republic. Here’s a brilliant video to see what they got up to.

Another GCC group travelled to Kilkenny for the National Festival of Youth Theatre, organized by Youth Theatre Ireland. Here’s some photos from the Festival by Youth Theatre Ireland.

We were delighted to facilitate this year’s National Youth Council of Ireland’s Summer School in Castlebar where our tutor’s Lauren and Isabela trained youth workers in circus skills to bring new creative and physical activities for their groups around the country. Thanks again to NYCI for inviting us!

At home we celebrated our Galway Community Circus roots at our annual outdoor ‘end of term’ celebration of ‘Circus in the Field’, welcomed a range of summer camps for all ages from toddlers to adults, hosted master classes with Ronan in cyr wheel, Jess and Tammi in aerial and Chinese pole and Gabor and Davi in circus dramaturgy.

Amidst all the circus play and activity of the summer, we had to say a sad goodbye to our fantastic EVS team that graced us with their individual and unique presences throughout the year. To Gábor, Thomas and Armen, each of you brought something special to GCC and we thank you so much for your time, energy and special skills and talents that you shared with us. Their final farewell show was met with a standing ovation as we bid a sad but fond farewell to the three amigos, as they all embark on the next phase of their circus adventures. Thank you all.

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