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Our Galway Community Circus family is growing, and three new members are currently joining our office team, adding to the incredible new team members we welcomed at the start of our new term. We are very happy and delighted to welcome Fiona - our new General Manager, who will help and support GCC to grow further and will help implement the next steps in our Strategic vision and plan for the future. We are all very excited about Fiona’s arrival, it is the first time GCC has a General Manager which means our organisation is expanding its horizons.

GCC takes a new shape every year, and two additional people will join our office administration team very soon. Elaine and Brendan will be our new administrative assistants. We are growing rapidly, and to keep everything organised and ready for our members we need our GCC family to get bigger and stronger. We are confident in our team of amazing hard workers. Thank you to Becca, our new Producer who is looking after our Wires Crossed project, we can't wait to share more news on this project with you all soon.

Thank you to Sarah, our new Assistant Producer and EVS Coordinator, our EVS volunteers - Juliette, Carolina, Benoit and David and our intern Leanna.

Thank you to all our team who have been here as long as you have, we love you all.

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