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Clowning Workshops

Galway Community Circus recently witnessed the birth of four brand new red nosed clowns into the world. On Saturday 15th September we celebrated two weeks of clowning masterclasses with the amazing Nettie Lu Lane with a pot luck style gathering and watched the hilarious Baboosha, Winston Charles Marmalade, Milo O'Flannely and Dolores Crubben take to the stage. Thank you Nettie for bringing the world of the Red Nose Clown back to GCC, we hope to see you again very soon and we will be taking all of your amazing teachings with us on our life journeys and are hoping to set up a clown club soon ;)






Summer Camps at Galway Community Circus

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Here at Galway Community Circus, we really do have something for everyone this summer.

Join us to celebrate circus arts with a variety of classes in juggling, acrobatics, aerial and balancing skills.

We have summer camps and workshops available for toddlers, youth ages 5 - 20 and adults.

 Make sure to check out the amazing Ronan Brady's masterclass in Cyr Wheel for something fun on the 14th and 15th July.

We also have our ongoing Wires Crossed project as part of Galway 2020 ongoing this summer and would love you to be a part of it.

We hope to train 400 people of all ages and from all walks of life in the art of Funambulism (tightrope walking). Be a part of it and find your balance with Wires Crossed.

For more of our latest news check out our Facebook page and our Twitter and Instagram accounts @galwaycircus

Happy Summer everyone :)

Galway Community Circus









Launch of Strategic Plan 2018-2020

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Launch of our new 3 year

Strategic Plan




 GCC is delighted to welcome our members and supporters to the launch of our Strategic Plan,


'Fuelling Creativity, Confidence and Change 2018-2020',


at Galway Community Circus this coming Tuesday 19th June 5.30pm.


Please feel free to join us to celebrate this important milestone for our organisation at this

family-friendly event with circus performances, refreshments and words from our supporters.


You can RSVP to our facebook event here.


or you can RSVP by emailing

by 17th June.





 For those of you who clicked and scrolled for the surprise,


click here












Find your balance with Wires Crossed

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We are launching our summer workshop programme for Wires Crossed!

Wires Crossed is one of the anchor projects for Galway 2020 poised to transform lives and communities through the art of tightwire walking. Following our first successful workshops last year, we are excited to announce our programme of workshops for Summer 2018.

Kicking off on the 18th of May, our workshops are open to everyone (no prior experience necessary) from the age of 10 and up.  We will be carrying out separate workshops for young people, adults, and families, in Shantalla Park (next to Galway Community Circus).

This is a great opportunity for anyone to get involved in our Wires Crossed project. Over the next two years, we are aiming to train some 400 people in the art of funambulism (tightwire walking), leading to a major world record spectacle of crossing the River Corrib and the Claddagh Pool in Summer 2020.

Learn how to walk the tightwire in a series of fun-filled workshops – great for both the mind and the body.

18th May – Discovery – 11am-1pm, 5pm-7pm – Adults
19th-20th May – Explorer – 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm – Adults
10th June – Taster – 12pm-5pm – All ages
30th June-1st July – Explorer – 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm – Families
2nd-6th July – Improver – 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm – Ages 12-20
7th July – Discovery – 10am-12pm (families), 1.30pm-3.30pm (adults), 4pm-6pm (ages 12-20)
14th-15th July – Explorer – 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm – Adults
14th September – Taster – 12pm-5pm – All ages
15th-16th September – Explorer – 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm – Families

These workshops are all for beginners at this stage. Come give it a try and see if you want to commit to a weekend or 5 day workshop.

This project is generously supported by Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture, Erasmus+, HSE, The Ireland Funds and Slackline Ireland. Contribution towards insurance to be paid at registration:

  • Taster - Free
  • Discovery – €5 (young people), €10 (adults and families)
  • Explorer – €30 (adults and families)
  • Improver – €40 (young people)

Maximum twelve participants per workshop. Please book here: or contact for more information.


Find your balance with Wires Crossed!


The Circus Guide to Chaos Theory

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Galway Community Circus and Maleta Company are delighted to present,

‘The Circus Guide to Chaos Theory’, which will take place in St Joseph’s Community Centre on the 6th and 7th of May. This show is the epitome of what GCC stands for - bringing the joy of circus arts to the community. The show will be brought to you with thanks to the Arts Council, Galway City Council and Erasmus+.


Order and chaos – can one exist without the other?


The show is a conceptual performance to showcase the dichotomy between order and chaos and explore what exists in between. This abstract idea has been created entirely by the youth ensemble together with their tutors from Maleta Company. This idea was born last October through art and youth work and now it is being brought to life in a dramatic display of circus talent under Galway Community Circus’ very own roof.

Experience the interdisciplinary nature of circus through the different skill sets of theatre, acrobatics, aerial, juggling, clowning and tight wire and share in the vision of our young circus members and their creative mindset.

“’The Circus Guide to Chaos Theory’, is an invitation to the place that we try to hide from ourselves" says Isabela Mello, one of the Galway Community Circus tutors facilitating the production. "Order and chaos – can one exist without the other?"

Galway is known for its rich culture, as residents, visitors, tourists and guests are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing what cultural avenue to explore. However it is not often one gets to stumble upon a community circus in Ireland, that is so involved with community spirit, arts, youth work and the pure joy of circus.

Save the date and let ’The Circus Guide to Chaos Theory’ take you on a journey; a journey into the realm of order and chaos, an exploration into these elements in a creative display and an embodiment of the concepts themselves, a familiar yet often obscure concept to us all. This is a show for the whole family to enjoy and be inspired by the amazing talent and skill of the youth ensemble of Galway Community Circus.


'In all chaos there is a cosmos,

In all disorder a secret order.' (Carl Jung)


“’The Circus Guide to Chaos Theory’

Sunday May 6th at 7pm

Monday May 7th at 3pm and 7pm


Galway Community Circus,

St Joseph’s Community Centre,

Ashe Road, Shantalla, Galway.


Tickets: Available here on Eventbrite

 Price: €8 - €12 (+booking fee)

           €32 family ticket (+booking fee)


Facebook Event

Culture Fox


Check us out on Instagram and Twitter and spread the word about this amazing show.










Cirque Du Gaillimh

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A Big Top is coming to Galway,

and inside a story shall be told,

a contemporary, non-traditional tradition

is now 250 years old.


Galway Community Circus is at the heart and is the beating pulse of circus in Galway. Providing an inspiring and welcoming environment, the circus plays its part in bringing arts and youth development to the people and families of Galway and beyond. A home from home for many, this circus has influences, people and partners from all over the world.

Now we want to share this evolving art form with you - as this year, with thanks to the Arts Council Young Ensemble Scheme and our partners Tumble Circus, Maoin Cheoil na Gaillimhe and Galway Theatre Festival, we are excited and proud to present:

‘Cirque du Gaillimh - The greatest show in the West!’

Performed by 12-20 year old Galway Community Circus members with musical accompaniment from Maoin Cheoil na Gaillimh Youth Orchestra, this show is very special to everyone involved, as well as the world of circus in general. Next year will mark the 250th anniversary of modern circus and these young performers prove that the life and soul of circus is still very much alive and is pumping through the veins off the youth in Galway. Cirque du Gaillimh is here in time to begin celebrating this important date in circus history.

Watch jugglers, acrobats, stilt walkers, clowns and aerialists take to the stage alongside very talented young musicians as they discover the history of circus and take you on a journey with them. Enjoy popcorn and candy floss as you feast your eyes on a diverse array of delights and talents in this non-traditional, modern day circus performance.

Recommended by the Galway Theatre Festival, Cirque du Gaillimh is coming to the South Park, Claddagh on 22-23 April. Performed three times over the two days, this ambitious and memorable family friendly show will portray a spectacular array of talent and display that is not to be missed. For more information please visit

 ‘Cirque du Gaillimh - The greatest show in the West!’

 April 22nd 7pm

 April 23rd 2.30pm and 7pm

 Big Top, South Park, Claddagh

 Tickets available online:

 Price: €12 - €15 (+booking fee)



Scratch Night January 2017

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We celebrated our very first Scratch Night and it was a flying success!!


At the end of January, Galway Community Circus opened it's doors, and welcomed the audience in to witness the first Scratch Night of 2017.

Seven acts of extreme talent and entertainment took to a minimalist stage and performed a variety of acts from juggling, hula hooping and uni-cycling to performances with a more, existential note ,such as;

'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?', and a breathtaking dance performance by Lauren and Julian which questioned stereotypical gender-roles and reversed common thought.

All in all, a very inspiring group of acts showcasing the great ability within this circus community and a taster of talent for the year to come.

Galway Community Circus will be holding Scratch night as a monthly event, on the last Saturday of each month, so be sure to pencil it in :) See you February 25th!

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